Cancellation Policy

our cancellation policy


  1. The refund percentages mentioned are for the full-service fee paid and not only for the amount paid. Refund percentages are applicable only if the complete fee of the product is paid without any balance. Clients would not be eligible for the refund percentage even if they fall in one of the mentioned clauses or if they haven’t paid the complete full-service fee mentioned.
  2. The client understands and agrees that the total invoice amount (bill value) will include the citydhancapital servies consultation fee and the applicable tax. However, the refund would be calculated only on the citydhancapital servies consultation fee. The tax component is non-refundable at any stage.
  3. The company is not responsible for any delay caused by third-party services. Also, clients cannot claim a refund of service charges.
  4. If the client has paid the money through Credit Card or Net Banking, he will undertake voluntarily that he will not dispute the payment or notify the designated bank for chargeback, insisting that the bank to withhold or cancel the payment made to citydhancapital servies by him. The client further undertakes to inform his banker that the payment made to citydhancapital servies is genuine and the transaction is an exception for his request to cancel or chargeback the payment in his favor. This includes misuse and card loss cases either by him or through anyone else. The client agrees to cooperate with citydhancapital servies in this aspect in case citydhancapital servies wishes to defend/represent the matter in their favor before any bank/authority.
  5. The fee paid to authorities or any other institution is the liability of the client and is not included in the service charges. citydhancapital services will not entertain any claim of refund in case of rejection.
  6. If the request/petition is returned/rejected/delayed owing to an error in the request fee or mode of payment, the client agrees not to contest on withdrawal of his request on this ground; as the payment and the mode of the payment of request fee is the sole liability of the client.
  7. If your request for a refund falls under the acceptable terms and conditions of the Company and the service agreement, the time taken for such a request would be 15-30 working days.
  8. The client shall loyally reveal before citydhancapital services – each and every detail involving each and every, existing or past, case of wrong-doings and/or conviction, and insolvency leveled against the clients and those who are dependent on him. If he does not reveal such details, and if the same is found afterward, no refunds at all of the money given to citydhancapital services in question will be made.
  9. Any fees paid to citydhancapital services are for the provision of services listed on citydhancapital services website. Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in Indian Rupees. You are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with our services using one of our accepted payment methods.
  10. Charge Back: It is agreed by the client that she/he knows that citydhancapital services will deploy its employees and utilize other infrastructures for providing services to the client by spending considerable amounts of money. Irrespective of the result of the request, the client hereby undertakes that he will not claim a refund of the fees and charges paid to citydhancapital services , except to the extent provided in the agreement.
  11. The client must offer, inside 30 days, each and every paper, forms, and facts that will make it possible for citydhancapital services to work on his/her request and make it submit-ready before the appropriate assessing authority. The client’s inability to do the same will only suggest that no reimbursement of the advisory/consulting fee offered to citydhancapital services is outstanding.
  12. personal visits made to the office, and/or inquiry made via phone. The client’s inability to do the same will only suggest that no money back whatsoever is outstanding of any secretarial charges offered to citydhancapital services.
  13. No refund is provided for cancellation received after 7 days.
  14. If the customer requests cancellation before 7 days, the Citydhan capital services will refund the money after seven an working days your account without any deduction.